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Ice Made Clear. Amazing Clarity, Stunningly Simple. USA-Made, Bulletproof Quality.


Your solution is the best I have ever used (not kissing butt, just sharing facts) for clear ice.  My Old Fashioned’s thank you.

J Stomberger, uncompensated customer

If you're a bourbon drinker, this product is a must. There's no faster way to wreck a good pour than using those milky, garlic scented, crescents of death cranked out by your freezers ice maker. I have tried 3 other clear ice products in the past 5 years, and this is superior.

H Simcox, uncompensated customer

Bloody Brilliant, this thing is! Bought this on a lark ... just happy I clicked through and ordered it. I followed your admittedly simple instructions, and have had zero issues - and beautifully clear ice - from the off. Great machine.

J Meadows, uncompensated customer