Tray For 12 Jumbo Collins Cubes

  • Extra tray For Making & Storing 12 Jumbo Collins Cubes
  • Use them for making and storing cubes.
  • Make lots of ice for parties and get-togethers.
  • Identical to the 12-cube tray that ships with your IMC kit.
  • Free Shipping when purchased along with a set.

Cubes remain pristine when kept in the tray they are made in, so it is always good to have extra trays on-hand to make and store more cubes for when your friends come over. Please note that you will need the base to be able to make ice. The base is part of the full kits.

Ice Made Clear. Amazing Clarity, Stunningly Simple. USA-Made, Bulletproof Quality.


Your solution is the best I have ever used (not kissing butt, just sharing facts) for clear ice.  My Old Fashioned’s thank you.

J Stomberger, uncompensated customer

If you're a bourbon drinker, this product is a must. There's no faster way to wreck a good pour than using those milky, garlic scented, crescents of death cranked out by your freezers ice maker. I have tried 3 other clear ice products in the past 5 years, and this is superior.

H Simcox, uncompensated customer

Bloody Brilliant, this thing is! Bought this on a lark ... just happy I clicked through and ordered it. I followed your admittedly simple instructions, and have had zero issues - and beautifully clear ice - from the off. Great machine.

J Meadows, uncompensated customer